Ann Holt

Two hundred and thirty-four moments 2012-2016

A selection of individual works that form part of the installation:

Two hundred and thirty-four moments - a sequence of en plien- air paintings selected from a series of more than four hundred works on paper Holt made between 2012 to 2016 as part of her PhD research project The Sensation of Place.

Based on Bruny Island, which is situated off the south-east coast of Tasmania, the project explored the theoretical and practical applications of painting an experience of place. Holt has an ongoing interest in how the intensity and 'feeling' of different environments can impact upon the senses, emotions and psychological perception of a place. In particular, she examined how memory can be imbued in the tactile and atmospheric aspects of a location, focusing on painting Bruny Islands glorious light, along with the feeling of a dark undercurrent that may stem from the islands troubled colonial history.

Having spent  years painting on site,  Holt became increasingly familiar with the subtle nuances and intrinsic character of the island, sensing a profound feeling of  absence and presence.  Through the processes of painting Holt conveys a sensory response to place that encapsulates what is both seen and felt in this beautiful yet wild environment.

Each image approximately 16x17 cm, oil on paper, Total installation approx. 1.4 m (H) x 19 meters (W).

Two hundred and thirty-four moments was exhibited at the Plimsoll Gallery, University of Tasmania, July 2016.  See The Sensation of Place for images of the installation of the completed work.



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